Firefly glowPhone

  • Model: firefly
  • Manufactured by: Audiovox
Additional Accessories :

Play music and video, manage playlists

Gaming keypad for built in and downloadable games

•Full number keypad for calls and texting
•500 numbers address book, personalize entries with pictures and ring tones
•Built-in ringtones, wallpapers and sample music and video
•flyKicks™ PC software
•PIN protected parental controls. Parents can chose to limit incoming and outgoing calls to numbers stored in the phone book while preventing additional numbers to be added. Parents can also restrict texting.
•Morphing Keypad- electro-luminescent morphing keypad
•Head phone - Stereo head phones to listen to your favorite MP3’s.
•Built-in microphone for hand free calls
•Large full color screen for viewing movies