Nokia 3220 Gsm Un-locked No Contract Cell Phone

  • Model: 3220
  • Manufactured by: Nokia
Additional Accessories :

The Nokia 3220 is highlighted by transparent Nokia Xpress-On grips, which pulsate with light effects to indicate calls, messages, and in-sync with the beat of ringtones.

Nokia 3220 Features:
Self-styled cut-out covers and mobile themes, including ringtones, wallpapers, color schemes and light sequences, make personalization simple and fun. By waving the 3220 from side to side, the LED lights of the shell light up to 'write' a message that appears to float in mid-air. Exchanging messages across a crowded room will never be the same.

•Video Camera
•1 Megapixel Camera
•Polyphonic Ringtones
•Java™ games with light and sound effects
•Coordinated wallpaper, ring tone, screen saver and color schemes
•Instant messaging
•Colored light patterns in Xpress-onTM grips for visualizing phone events such as incoming calls, SMS, caller groups, power on/off cycles
•Lights as reminder for missed calls, SMS or MMS
•Writing in the air - Wave Messaging with the "Xpress-onTM Fun Shell" functional cover enhancement
•Ringing lights with headset enhancement
•Multiplayer gaming
•Photos picture editor
•Integrated handsfree speaker
•Animated MMS including a sound clip