Samsung Sidekick 4G Mobile Phone - Pearl Magenta T839 - Pea

  • Model: Sidekick 4G
  • Manufactured by: T-Mobile
$254.99 Sale: $150.44-41%
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T-Mobile® Sidekick® 4G (PEARL MAGENTA)

The T-Mobile Sidekick® makes a triumphant return as a high-performance, Android™-powered smartphone running at blazing-fast speeds on America’s Largest 4G Network™.

• Texting evolved: Reply-all Group Text and texting from the web with Cloud Text
• Lighting-fast 4G data download speeds
• Front-facing camera for T-Mobile Video Chat powered by Qik™
• 3.5 inch touch screen, speedy 1 Ghz processor, five-row QWERTY keyboard

Available Features
  Web Browsing

ASSISTANTS     Alarm clock: Handy reminders help you stay on schedule. 

    Calculator: A handy way to check your figures. 

    Calendar: Keep track of appointments and even set reminders to make sure you're on time. 
 INFORMATION     1Ghz Processor: A lightning-fast 1Ghz processor delivers the speed you want, so you can experience powerful entertainment and more right on your device. 

    2 GB Memory Card Included: Take advantage of an included memory card and fill it up with fun photos, videos, music and more. 

    4G Capable: Browse the Web, download content, and stream media faster on T-Mobile’s 4G network. 

    Address book: The info you need to contact your contacts. 

    GPS with Navigation Capability: Get your real-time location on maps, driving directions, and more. 

    Memory Card Slot (microSD): Add more memory for multimedia files, data and more. Easily take the memory card out of your device to transfer files and data to another device. 

    USB Tethering: Use your device’s data connection to access the Internet on your laptop. 
COMMUNICATION     Conference Calling: Three way conference calling allows you to conduct a call with two other parties at the same time. This feature only works if the second call is outgoing. 

    Fully Customizable: Now you can make your device 100% you with the ability to personalize your device from the inside out with wallpapers, icons, widgets, apps, ringtones and full suite of accessories 

    Large QWERTY Keyboard: Keyboard is 92% of the size of a standard laptop keyboard. 

    Mobile Video Chat: Chat face-to-face while on the go. 

    Personal and Work E-mail: Send and receive messages from personal and work e-mail. 

    Wi-Fi Sharing: Use your device’s Web connection to connect laptops and other Wi-Fi enabled devices to the Internet. 
 FUN     3 Megapixel Camera: Take high-quality pictures from your device that you can enlarge or print. 

    Apps -Android Market: With direct access to the Android Market you have access to all kinds of fun and useful apps to turn your phone into the ultimate mobile device. 

    Auto Rotating Screen: Your screen can automatically rotate images for portrait or landscape viewing. 

    Autofocus: Autofocus can help you avoid blurry photos by automatically focusing your camera lens on your main subject. 

    Customizable Home Screen: Just drag and drop any of your favorite applications, photos or folders onto your home screen for quick access to what you use all of the time 

    Easy access to Google applications: One touch access to Google applications including maps, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, and Google Talk 

    Front-facing Camera: Take advantage of video chat with a built-in front-facing webcam. 

    Media Room: Play your favorite music and videos with your integrated media player, or discover new content with direct access to T-Mobile TV, Slacker Radio, FM radio, and YouTube. 

    Panorama Mode: Capture multiple angles and patch them together into one beautiful landscape photograph. 
GENERAL     Band (frequency): 850 MHz;900 MHz;1800 MHz;1900 MHz;UMTS: Band I (2100);UMTS: Band IV (1700/2100) 

    Included battery: Lithium ion 

    Size: 2.4 x 5.0 x0.6 in. 

    Standby time: up to 19 days 

    Talk time: up to 6.5 hours 

    Weight: 5.7 oz. 
 MESSAGING     Cloud Text: With Group Text you have the freedom to create, participate in, and manage your reply-all text groups. 

    E-mail: Send and receive e-mail messages on your device, using your existing e-mail accounts. 

    Easily synch w/ Microsoft Outlook: Stay in synch with your Contacts, Calendar, and Email in Microsoft Outlook 

    Full corporate e-mail and calendar support: Sync with your corporate e-mail exchange server to access and manage your work e-mail and calendar events. 

    Swype: Make messaging on your touch-screen device faster, easier, and more fun. With this innovative new keyboard, you simply slide your finger over the letters that make up the word you want to spell.