Samsung Convoy U640 SCH-U640 Rugged VERIZON

  • Model: u640
  • Manufactured by: Samsung
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Product DescriptionLooking for a rugged business cell phone? The SCH-u640 phone is something you cannot miss. Resembling a walky-talky, the Samsung Convoy features ‘Push to Talk’ capability that allows you to get in touch with your co-workers instantly, thereby satisfying all your crucial on-the-job communication needs. Have fun while you work with the Samsung camera phone’s built-in MP3 player and superior quality stereo speakers. Heat, humidity and dust do not slow you down; so why would your phone be any different? This super-resistant SCH-u640 phone can handle any environmental condition without a hiccup! The high-capacity 1300 mAh battery keeps your Samsung Convoy going on and on and on! The military-spec features and sleek grey-black design of this Samsung camera phone make it hard to put down, once in hand!


Samsung Convoy (Verizon Wireless) Detail

The Samsung Convoy™ from Verizon delivers the a rugged reliability reinforced with key features. Its Military Spec Build stands up against any abuse - and its Push to Talk capabilities mean your contacts are only one button away when you need them.

The Samsung Convoy™ also comes with a 2.0 Megapixel Camera, Verizon Navigator Capabilities, Speakerphone and dedicated external Media Player Controls. Combine this with extended battery life and an AMOLED internal display, and this phone is able to keep up with any lifestyle.

Samsung Convoy (Verizon Wireless)

  • Push to Talk Capable
  • 2.0 Megapixel Camera
  • Verizon Navigator Capable
  • AMOLED Display
  • Bluetooth™ Syncing


PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent Verizon policy changes on 3G devices please make sure to check with Verizon before buying if you will be able to activate the phone model on your plan They may no longer activate this model on contract plans but it will activate well for Prepaid as well as Page Plus, SelectTel Red Pocket and any other carrier that works off Verizon Towers. Verizon has stopped activating CDMA (3G) phones for new customers since July 2018, except for prepaid service. You should only buy this phone if you: 1) are a current Verizon subscriber who wants to replace your phone, or 2) plan to use Verizon prepaid service (new or existing account). Do not buy this phone if you are not currently a Verizon subscriber, unless you plan to use Verizon prepaid service.